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  Heat Recovery Ventilator & Whole Home Dehumidifier LD800 70L price until 01/01/2017

Photo of grey Heat Recovery Ventilator & Whole Home Dehumidifier LD800 70L price until 01/01/2017
Stock code LD800
Size: 70   

£960.00plus Vat

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225% Efficient. Can Pay For Itself Within 5 Years With Real Savings

Small & compact able to fit through a loft hatch.  The LD800 can be ducted around the home to ensure an even distribution of clean, warm &  fresh air.  Above all the air that is taken from the living environment has had all the energy removed and put back into the clean air that is recirculated into the home.

Fresh air is continuously drawn into the LD800 heat recovery ventilator which is vital for healthy living.

If we seal our home the air becomes stale.  If we vent our home for fresh air the heat escapes.  The LD800 heat recovery ventilator is the solution.

Even the energy used to power the unit it retained and latent heat is recovered.

This fresh air is filtered & then mixed with the air from inside the home that the LD800 has collected and also filtered.  This air from the home has been collected often from several points although you can opt only to collect air from one point in the home depending on natural air circulation and simplicity of installation.

The LD800 gives out more energy than is put into it make it pretty unique in an energy concious market.


38kg Able to be mounted in a loft and lifted through the loft hatch

The LD800 heat recovery ventilator can can extract 80 litres of water from the air per day making it a highly effective unit compared to simple ventilation systems that are just in essence extractor fans or loft PIV systems.  It can cope with most homes and be regulated so it can not over dry the air.

“The Clever Part is Bringing Fresh Air into the Home Energy Efficiently”

The LD800 can be located in a roof space, cupboard or utility area, basement, crawl space and air can be ducted to the unit.  Keeping it out of sight, and potentially far away from the living space of  the home.  This also makes it ideal for landlords who need to protect their properties from excess humidity while keeping the unit away from tenants.

Ideal for Landlords with Multiple Occupancy of Rooms

Any water from the Ecor Pro LD800 is drained by gravity to the roof eves to be expelled outside  to a suitable drain pipe to avoid issues with frost and ice.  Indeed the condensate can be pumped to a height if for instance the LD800 is used in a basement and gravity graining is not possible.

The LD800 can be used with an Ecor Pro  external low voltage regulator that sits in the living space and like the thermostat for the heating can regulated the LD800 for maximum desired comfort.  The simple slider lever can regulate the fresh air mix to optimise the efficiency maintaining a regular flow of fresh air but maximising efficiency of the LD800 for the particular home.

Ecor Pro’s LD800 tough epoxy coated metal cabinet is very tough and durable but operation is quiet.  Filtering is with professional HEPA type filters that are readily available and as its the same technology as high end air filters purpose bought for the home to help with allergens.  The LD800 can save on that purchase or at least improve even more the quality of the air for any airborne allergy sufferer.

Summer Use Too With Air Filter & Fan Only Option

Whether put into a loft space or other unused space the LD800 will duct clean dry air into the home or indeed commercial environment.  Highly versatile.

Whether DIY or a professional installation, the Ecor Pro LD800 heat recovery ventilator is a powerful & compact. Designed in the UK with an eye to reliability & quality to make this a true long term investment for any householder to protect the home, protect the decorations and belongings but most of all to protect the family.

Ecor Pro LD800 Heat Recovery Ventilator Keeping the Air Fresh but the Heat In! 

performance information

This performance of at Least 225% efficiency  comes from the Latent Heat, that is real energy.

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