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  Panasonic Aquarea Stainless Steel 180 Litre slimline HP tank

Photo of N/A Panasonic Aquarea Stainless Steel 180 Litre slimline HP tank
Stock code KIT-TD20E3E5-G3
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Panasonic Aquarea Stainless Steel 200 Litre Domestic Hot Water Tank

Designed and manufactured within the UK, the new cylinders vary in capacity from 180-litres to 400-litres and offer some of the best standing losses on the market, ensuring that energy losses are minimal.

Made in Great Britain, Panasonic’s new line of Aquarea tanks have been designed and developed with the UK’s growing heat pump market in mind.

Complying with all relevant regulations, this new line of Aquarea tanks can be considered the highest quality and most robust cylinders on the UK market, whilst homeowners are protected by Panasonic’s 25 year manufacturer guarantee.”

As with all Aquarea cylinders, Panasonic’s new tanks are supplied with compression fittings and locating bosses, enabling a quick and simple on-site installation process. The systems are complete with a G3 kit, temperature sensor, 3-way valve, 90° draw-off elbow and lift up pressure relief valve, to make for the ultimate ease of install.

To ensure performance and restrict energy losses to a minimum, Panasonic’s new tanks have been specially designed to avoid pressure loss whilst simultaneously maximising the heat exchange surface area. This is achieved by incorporating a multi-pass corrugated stainless steel tube into the unit. The corrugated tubing provides a 20% faster recovery time than the tanks featuring plain tubing. The cylinders are solar ready with a twin coil fitted to improve their efficiency further.

Considering size restrictions and the varied requirements of Britain’s modern homes, as part of Panasonic’s new line of tanks, a slim-line version is now available. With the body of the unit just 475mm in diameter, these tanks are perfect for use within the social housing sector where space is often at a premium.


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