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  MeacoWall 72 Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Photo of Black or White MeacoWall 72 Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Dehumidifier
Stock code MeacoWall 72
Size: 72 liters/day   

£1274.99including UK delivery +vat

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MeacoWall **B/W Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Stylish solution to wall mounting a dehumidifier, the DC Motor ensures a quieter and more effecient operation.  Perfect for a wide range of commercial applications.

  • Wall Mounted Dehumidifier
  • 72 litres per day extraction rate
  • DC Motor for greater efficiency
  • Just 44dB in operation
  • Only 202mm deep
  • Front is a black or white glass finish


Potential applications include;

Swimming Pools
Drying rooms for armed forces, emergency services, lifeboat stations and outdoor pursuit centres
Pump Stations
Museums and archives
Commercial storage
Factory production areas
Data centres
Timber storage
And anywhere else where a wall mounted dehumidifier makes more sense than a portable dehumidifier on the floor!

The Meacowall range incorporates the very latest technology at its heart using a DC Motor to ensure quieter and more energy efficient running.  At just 202mm deep the MeacoWall takes up a lot less space than other wall mounted dehumidifiers and this means that it will protrude less into the room.

Noise is important in a dehumidifier and to have a wall mounted dehumidifier that can extract 72 litres of moisture per day and yet only makes 44dB of noise demonstrates just how well designed and engineered these dehumidifiers are.

Extraction rates are excellent right down to 10°C where the dehumidifier will still be able to extract 18 litres of water per day at 80%rh.  At typical swimming pool conditions of 30°C and 80%rh the 72 will be extracting the full 72 litres per day.

If you need help sizing your dehumidifier against your swimming pool then please measure the following and then either send use an email to  or call our technical team on 01706 879 336

We would need to know;

Surface area of water
Water temperature
Air temperature
And whether you use a cover or not on the pool.

Installation is straightforward, fix the enclosed wall mounting bracket to the wall and then hang the dehumidifier on the bracket.  Water can be drained from either the back left or the back right via a 16mm diameter hose


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