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  LG Therma V 9kW Split Type

Photo of N/A LG Therma V 9kW Split Type
Stock code HN0914.NK1 HN1616NK3
Size: 9.0kW   

£3242.40+del (if overseas) & Vat

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LG Therma V 9kW Split Type

HU091U42 Outdoor HN1616NK3 Indoor

Air Source Heat pump are an alternative way to heat your home and domestic hot water efficiently, instead of a gas or oil boiler. They work by simply absorbing the heat energy from the outside air (even in extremely cold conditions, down to -15C). The heat is then raised and transferred to your wet central heating system. Electrically operated, heat pumps are low energy consumption systems: ie for every 1kW electricity input, 2kW ambient air = 3kW total output. The output is greater than the input making them highly energy efficient.

LG’s Therma V air source, air to water heat pump is an affordable, eco-friendly and simple to use system that can be installed in to any home, new build or refurbish. The system comprises of an all-in-one outdoor heat pump unit connecting to your indoor wet central heating system as your traditional boiler. They operate at much lower temperatures than traditional systems making them ideally suited to under floor heating and double convector or low temperature radiators. In some cases heat pumps can connect to existing radiators as many are over-sized, this would be subject to a site survey. They can also connect to your domestic hot water cylinder and/or solar panels for further energy and cost savings.

Heat pumps are inverter controlled, this means that they only use the energy required instead of turning fully on or off. They need very little maintenance are quiet in operation and could:
• lower your energy bills,
• reduce your carbon emissions

Considered as renewable technology LGs Therma V is MCS approved – making it available for a one off grant under the ‘Renewable Heat Premium Payment’ up to £1,300 and a Government grant under the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ being introduced in spring 2014, subject to your installer also being MCS approved and other conditions. Visit Ofgem for further information on the financial incentive schemes or EST for independent information on air source, air to water heat pumps.

LG’s air conditioning and energy solution systems are sturdy, reliable products with prolonged life spans designed to provide years of worry-free performance.


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