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Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Water cooled air conditioning - technology and elegance in action

If you have a requirement for internal air conditioning, but there is a problem with locating the condensing unit outdoors, there is an easy solution. Use water-cooled air conditioning rather than air-cooled.

Most air conditioning units on the market today utilise condenser units that have to be fitted in outside locations. They are usually installed on brackets and sit on external walls or flat roofs. However, it is sometimes very difficult to obtain planning permission in parts of the UK such as conservation areas or when installing units in blocks of flats.

If you have come up against this type of problem, Airwell GCAO water-cooled air conditioning units could be the answer.


Airwell GCAO


The operational advantages of water-cooled air conditioning systems

When traditional style air conditioners are in operation, the condenser unit becomes very warm. If it is not allowed to cool immediately, the air-cooling process will rapidly fail. This is why it's necessary to install these condensers outside. It gives them unfettered access to cool air.

Water-cooled air conditioners, on the other hand, are plumbed directly into the building's mains water supply. They then run cold, mains water through internal piping which then cools the unit. In other words, it does away with the necessity to have an external condensing unit installed externally.

To keep water consumption down to a minimum, water-cooled air conditioning units incorporate a modulating regulator valve.

Systems can be made to order

Whatever the nature and design of the building, a liquid-cooled air conditioning system can be custom made. For example, they often feature in gymnasiums, offices and restaurants. They are also very popular in computer sever rooms where a cool, clean atmosphere is a prerequisite.

Quiet operation

In terms of their operation, water-cooled units are quiet to run. In addition, they are dual-purpose and can provide heated as well as cooled air when required.

Aesthetically pleasing

The units themselves are elegantly designed and are aesthetically pleasing; looking similar to modern conventional wall mounted air conditioning systems.

In many instances, in today's modern world, architects and building proprietors prefer their buildings to exhibit clean, clear lines. For this reason, water-cooled systems are preferred to traditional air conditioning units because there is no need for ugly, external condensers that clutter the image.

Technology and aesthetic elegance in perfect harmony

The combination of tasteful elegance, together with modern technology makes Airwell GCAO water-cooled air conditioning units the new benchmark. Take some time to view the products on this page, to see if we have the perfect Water Cooled Air Conditioning System for you.

If you need help making a decision, contact us here at P & M Coppack today.



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