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Air to Water Heat Pumps

Considering a heat pump
You should consider an Air to Water heat pump if you live in a new property, or in a well-insulated older property that cannot access the gas network.
Heat pumps have a lower running costs compared with oil, direct electric, LPG, or coal, and provide substantial carbon savings over the lifetime of the system.

What to expect from a heat pump
 • Since heat pumps provide a lower temperature heating compared with boilers, radiators will be warm rather than hot. larger or fan assisted radiators may be needed although under floor heating is the best.
 • A house with radiators may heat up more slowly.
 • The heat pump will run for longer hours than a conventional boiler but if properly controlled will switch on and off with the heating requirements of the house.
 • A properly sized and installed heat pump should be able to provide all of a household’s domestic hot water, but many systems are installed with a supplemental electric immersion heater for the colder months.

Getting the best performance from a heat pump
 • Ensure your home is insulated as well as possible (for example with cavity wall and loft insulation) before the heat pump is installed.
 • Install the heat pump with low-temperature under-floor heating or properly sized radiators.
 • Insist on understandable, user-friendly controls. 

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