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5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Air Conditioning in Your Office

Your cooling system could burn a hole in your pocket. When you’re running a business, this is not an outcome you would want to ignore. Cutting back on AC system use and (the more drastic measure) shifting to air fans might not always be the best solutions to lower cooling costs.

For one thing, your IT equipment may require consistently cool temperatures. For another thing, there are better ways to reduce the cost of your air conditioning without affecting operations.

At P&M Coppack, we endeavour to offer economical solutions to clients. Our goal is to bring you cost-effective systems without sacrificing on your cooling needs. And here are five ways that may help you minimise AC costs and still provide staff comfort.

 1. Adjust the time and temperature controls.

Do this based on staff feedback regarding comfort at certain temperatures, at certain hours. Consider setting higher switch-on temperatures; try to set a gap between heating and AC control temperatures of around 4°C. The Carbon Trust, which helps businesses and public sector organisations reduce energy, shares that this improves staff comfort, minimises operating costs, and reduces wear and tear of systems.

 2. Maintain your AC system.

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Your filters need to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The units should be cleaned regularly. And you should have technicians take a look at your system to make sure that no component is causing poor operationMaintaining your AC system also prevents build up of moisture, which leads to fungus and bacteria growth. This creates an unhealthy workplace wherein circulated bad air could cause respiratory infections and other illnesses.

 3. Never overwork your AC system.

Overworking the AC in any office can happen when windows and doors are constantly left open. When this happens, the system will not only work extra hard to cool the office but also leave you with an expensive energy bill.

4. Reduce, if not, eliminate heat gain.

This is where installation of your AC system is crucial. There will be certain sections in your office that receive more direct sunlight than other sections. This, along with other factors, could increase heat gain that works against the cooling capacity of your AC system.

Your AC system installer should evaluate your office, devise a way that guarantees the efficient flow of cool air, and enable your system to operate at minimum energy.

5. Know the operating costs of your AC system before choosing one.

Air Conditioning can pay for it self.

Finally, we recommend that you ask your technician about the operating cost of a specific system. From ducted to split type systems, each AC system is designed to work best for certain spaces. The right system will not only provide absolute comfort for your staff but also deliver money-saving opportunities. 



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