Taking the heat out of any situation

Panasonic Aquarea HT

In a house with high temperature radiators (for example, cast iron radiators), the Aquarea High Temperature Solution is most suited as it provides output water temperatures of 65°C even at -15°C.
Aquarea HT is able to deliver 65°C with the Heat Pump alone.

Technical focus
· NEW! Optional Smart home control with IntensisHome®

· Maximum COP of 4.55
· Environmentally-friendly refrigerant gas R407C


· Maximum hydraulic module output temperature: 65 °C

· Optimum control possible with an outside thermometer (not supplied)

· Power optimised based on the return water temperature
· Built-in management of the hot water cylinder and heating

· NEW! Optional Smartphone control with IntensisHome® device
· Control on the hydraulic module
· Easy programming on the control panel

· Easy-to-access pressure gauge for easy control of the water pressure
· Easy-to-open hydraulic module and outdoor unit

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Flooded out? Need drying out? 

At P&M Coppack Air Conditioning Ltd we can  supply you with a whole range of Commercial Desiccant, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic DX type Dehumidifiers, to quickly start drying out your home or business. so that you can start getting back to normal as quickly as possible.

We  hire Commercial, Industrial and Domestic units on a week by week basis.

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Toshiba Estia

Toshiba Estia is up there with the best of the Japanese manufactures of Air to Water heat Pumps, having some of the best COP at low ambient temperature than most.

P & M Coppack Air Conditioning can provide a whole range of Air to Water heat Pumps with some of the best prices on the Web.

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Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air outside . This heat can then be used for under floor heating systems,   radiators, or warm air convectors (fan coils) and all the hot water in your home.
They capable of extracting  heat from the air even when the  temperature is as low as -20° C. And some like the Panasonic TCap with no lost of heat output.i
The benefits of air source heat pumps
• could lower your fuel bills, especially if you are replacing conventional electric heating
• could provide you with an income through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) (Heating Only Systems)
• could lower your home’s carbon emissions, depending on which fuels you are using at the moment
• don’t need fuel deliveries or collections ie Oil and or Coal
• can heat and cool your home and provide and hot water
• need little maintenance.
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Heat Pumps May Save The World

Heat pumps are a remarkable, low energy way of providing heating or cooling for your home or office. Heat pumps are a particularly efficient and cost effective way of heating an environment, as they get their thermal energy from the surrounding air, rather than from burning fossil fuels or using electricity.

Heat pumps are found in refrigerators, air conditioners or as part of air conditioning systems, but can also be used to provide heat for domestic or commercial premises. This heat can then be circulated as either warm air or as warm water in a radiator system.

Strictly speaking, heat pumps do not pump heat as such, since thermodynamics prevent heat from flowing from cooler places to warmer places. What a heat pump actually moves is thermal energy. This thermal energy is extracted from a source (such as the air or ground) and transferred to the destination via a series of evaporating and condensing coils. It’s the same process by which your freezer transfers thermal energy outwards, even though it is much colder inside than out.

P&M Coppack stock a wide range of heat pumps from leading manufacturers, including  Airwell, Panasonic, Daikin, DeLonghi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG,

Panasonic and Toshiba. These include air to air heat pumps and air to water heat pumps, as well as heat pumps that draw heat from below the ground.

 Our expert technical team will be happy to advise you on the very best system to suit your circumstances, and your budget, providing a full range of services from design and specification through to installation and maintenance. So why waste money, and harm the environment, by burning gas or using electricity, when a heat pump could draw all the energy you need from the air around you.


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Heat pumps all around Europe

P&M Coppack Air Conditioning sell Heat pumps  all over Europe recently Panasonic Aquareas to Germany and Denmark.

We have also sold Two EIPL DD400 Desiccant Dehumidifiers to a company in Holland.


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Fujitsu Waterstage AtW enquiries lost to Panasonic Aquarea

Why are Fujitsu  dragging their feet on the introduction of their AtW heat pump (Waterstage).

Almost all our Waterstage enquiries are being lost to Panasonic Aquarea,  great for P & M Coppack Air Conditioning but can’t help thinking that Fujitsu are losing ground on Daikin Altherma, Panasonic Aquaera and Toshiba Estia.

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Prepare your office for summer with air conditioning units from P&M Coppack

The recent spell of hot weather may not have lasted very long, but it was a warning for many offices up and down the country as to just how hot it can get here in Britain. Ambient temperatures reached into the low to mid twenties, but in offices, it got much hotter than this.

Many modern offices are little more than glass boxes, which quickly turn into greenhouses when the sun shines, making working conditions virtually unbearable. Staff soon become short tempered, more easily distracted and much less productive, taking long breaks outside and usually returning late from their lunch break, as they are not looking forward to an even hotter afternoon.

If this sounds all too familiar, then now is the time to act, before summer truly arrives, making this a regular nightmare. Install air conditioning units from P&M Coppack, and you can quickly cool your offices and make them a more pleasant place to work when the heat is on.

P&M Coppack has a huge range of air conditioning units for sale, with something to suit any office size or layout, keeping your air cool and fresh and avoiding that energy sapping humidity that so many offices suffer from. We’ll help you make your staff more comfortable and more productive by making your office temperature more pleasant, whatever the weather outside.

With summer just around the corner, and the experts at British Weather Services predicting a scorcher for the first time in six years, now is the time to talk to P&M Coppack and see our wide range of office air con units for sale for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive and easy it can be to create the ideal working conditions in your office all year round.

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Panasonic air to water heat pumps

Panasonic Air to water heat pumps (Aquarea) is one of P&M Coppack Air Conditioning best selling products.

Panasonic Air to water heat pump split  system and mono block is now available as a T Cap. T Cap systems can produce the same output of heat regardless of the outdoor temperature.

A 12kW system at +15°C can produce 12kW of heat and with an air temperature of -15°C it will still produce 12kW of heat.

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Toshiba Air to water heat pumps

Toshiba air to water heat pumps (Estia) Extracts the heat energy from the air, amplify it by four times before releasing it to heat your home.

An 8kW system only requires 1.96kw of electricity to produce 8.0kW of heat, based on an outdoor temperature of 7°C.


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