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Green Heating that does not work in Britain

Posted on September 17, 2012 | in Heat pumps | by

Green Heating that does not work in Britain. Bollocks.

The Nibe exhaust system works anywhere. The issue is that the so-called “affordable homes” are not well insulated.

If the homes in St Neots and Runcorn were built to a better standard a correctly size system would have work fine.

If there is a hole in your bucket, it’s not the taps faults it can’t deliver enough water to fill it. It’s the hole in the F*****n bucket that needs fixing.

If the Scandinavians and other northern European countries can build houses with excellent insulation  why can’t we.

Yes, Air exhaust systems and Heat pumps are not the answer to every building in Britain but in the right application they will save you money.

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